Advertising in a Kawsay hot air balloon

Picture your brand flying through the Ecuadorian sky!

Did you know that a hot air balloon has 85% more possibilities to catch people’s attention instantly? Traditional billboards, on the other hand, have only a 20% chance compared to a hot air balloon. That’s why people will not only see your brand from the ground, but they will also talk about it and even share it on social media.

So, wait no more and take your brand to the next level: advertising it in a Kawsay hot air balloon in Ecuador! Let’s see what we can do together:


Your brand will be floating above San Pablo Lake, in Imbabura province. Thousands of people visit this place every week for both tourism and business. They will see your brand in our hot air balloon from their hotels, restaurants, and even if they are on a trekking adventure in the mountains!

Let’s work together and do what is best for your business. We can always talk about costs and timings to meet your requirements.

Brand activation and events

If your business logo is on a Kawsay Balloon, you can be sure nobody will forget your event. People are very excited when they look at a beautiful hot air balloon; they take pictures and post them on social media. So your brand will reach more people than you even think! We can work together with your marketing team to make sure your brand gets all over Ecuador in different sport events, local parties, or any type of brand activation you are planning. Just let your imagination run wild!

Annual advertising plan

You could have a branded hot air balloon all year long! We can design and produce an exclusive hot air balloon for your business, which will have customized colors and your business logo. We can also take this hot air balloon all around Ecuador, according to your budget and marketing plan. Everybody, from your target audience to your competitors, will be amazed. This is how you can make the most out of your marketing investment:

  • We could take your branded hot air balloon across the country
  • We could attend all kinds of brand activations and private or public events
  • You branded hot air balloon could be displayed at local fairs
  • You could film a commercial with your branded hot air balloon
  • Our tourists could fly in your branded hot air balloon, which will appear on their social media posts!

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